1. Biography:
Ram Charan is a man who helps executives to solve bussines problems. He has worked for a lot of very important companies (Verizon, Novartis…). He shares his knowledge with others by teaching. He began working in the family shoe shop in a small indian town. he got his degree in India and went to Australia to work, and afterwards to Hawaii. he gets the doctorate from Harvard Bussines School, where he stays working after getting it. His advice, what he call "growth budget", is about new iniciatives. He has won several award because of his way of teaching. he has written several books such as: The Discipline of Getting Things Done and Confronting Reality… Dr. Charan has served on the Blue Ribbon Commission on Corporate Governance and was elected a Distinguished Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources.

2. "Leadership in the Era og Economic Uncertainty" is a book written by Ram Charan and it is about the possible ways to affront difficult economic times, and help companies to face it.
Holliday was visiting Japan when the crisis started to move in the Financial industry. The first thing that this executive did was to order his major executives to conserve cash but this was only the begining of measures to fight the crisis. Once that this was done, he wanted to know how bad was Dupon CEO and how bad things could get. Chad Holliday is the CEO of DuPont company, his reaction to the crisis was one of the quickest, most organised and effective ones. Once it had been very clear thet the crisis was going to affect DuPont in a great way, Holliday arranged for the Corporate Plan to take place. Holliday studied the crisis and evaluated the importance of it, considering the causes and establishing a plan to go though it.
Once they had clear the nature of the crisis (just financial) they continued by informing all their employees about the company’s situation. Every employee had a meeting with a manager who explained and watched employees reaction about the crisis, the manager also asked them for ideas they could imagine to solve the situation or as much cash as possible.
We can see the kind of person who knows what happen and also knows that if we want to make thing change, has to change some other items.

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