1)Biography of the Ram Charan

Ram Charan started working in his family shoe shop in a small indian town,to be precise where he was born.He studied in India,an engineer career,acquiring a degree that made it possible for him to work in Australia,and then in Hawaii.

Using his qualified talent,he was persuaded to study and succeeded getting an MBA,owning a high distinction graduation at Harvard's Business School.Inmediatly,he started working in this faculty.

Nowadays,he works as an speaker and advisor,having the facility to solve business problems.He has had the opportunity to work with well-known companies such as:GE or Verizon,for example.

His facility to write and specially his interactive teaching style made it possible for him to win several awards.

2)How the CEO of dupont reacted at the crisis:

As dupont is one of the best incontingency planning,it's plan consist on bringing together dupont's top manager to appraise the fact that caused the economic crisis.It put an appropiate disaster-control procesures in different places that are very similar to the method used in 9/11 attack as well as in the aftermath of major hurricanes.

Trying to decide if the financial storm was serious enough to declare a crisis,the best option was ''corporaton crisis''.

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