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Chad Holliday (DuPont Ceo) had the first sign of the economic crisis while he was visiting a major customer in Japan.
Next day he summed the six leaders in his company to a meeting and questioned them about present and future of company. The answers were grim, the financial problems were pervading some aspects of DuPont`s business.
Hollyday decided to invoke "Corporate crisis plan". The plan inmediately brought together the standing teams of DuPont to decided what needed to be done to ensure DuPont´s viability.
Later, every employee in DuPont had a face-to-face with a manager who explained what the comany need to do and to see how well employees understood the nature of crisis and determined their psychological reaction.
The actions aimed at conserving at conserving cash were taking hold quickly, but it isn´t quickly enough.
DuPont obtain good results, saving the most cash and cutting several costs in less tah six weeks.
Holliday is the perfect example of a leadership who can stared into the face of uncertainty and accepted the change he saw coming taking decisive actions.

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