1-Short biography of the Ram Charan.
Ram Charan is a very important person in the world of business.
His relation with the world of business started very early in his childhood, when he worked in his family shoe shop in an Indian town

This relation continued when he worked in Australia and Hawaii. Though he studied an engineering degree his talent in relation with the economy early stood out.
He continued in this world and studied another degree on the Harvard Business School faculty.

Nowadays Ram Charan is called from the most important enterprises of the world. These enterprises are looking for his experience and for his advices, because he has an unusual ability to solve their problems.

At present Ram Charan also is well know for his educations: he teaches and he wrote (and still writes) many books in relation what he calls “growth budget”: to instill discipline on growth disciplines.
Mr. Charan at present has a spectacular curriculum: he is a member of important organizations and has been decorated with big titles.

The text is about how DuPont faced the economic recession in relation with Chad Holliday´s jobs.
The first sign of recession was discovered by Chad Holliday ( DuPont´s CEO) in his visit to Japan, he was surprised when he realized how important was for Japanese companies to conserve cash.When he arrived to the United States he summoned the six top leaders of his company, because he wanted to know the real state of DuPont
Apparently, the financial crisis was spreading all over the sectors of the economy: in many of them, DuPont had a lot of economic interests and not only in one special part in the world; all the world was being infected by the crisis.This situation has derived in a panic situation, in which there aren´t any disposable loans because of the confidence crisis.
The situation was critical, for DuPont: its activity diminished considerably, so it was the moment to take solutions.They created a plan called “ the Corporate crisis plan”. The plan’s objective was to ensure DuPont´s viability.
The next thing that they did was to inform the whole enterprise about DuPonts’ economic situation, and how they could face the crisis, they also informed them in relation with all the lies that were appearing in the press in a nontechnical language. The employees understood in general the situation, but in that moment all the points of the plan, all the possible measures had to be quiker and this is one of Chad Holliday´s obsession.
The measures were hard for the company but they took place in six weeks (approximately). With them, DuPont´s and specially, Chad Holliday showed us how companies should deal with the recession and how they cold adapt them for the new situation.

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