Ram Charan

Ram Charan is a business advisor and speaker very famous in the executives’ dome for his ability to solve the business problems for more tha thirty-five years.
Dr. Charan has worked in the most succesful companies like GE, KLM or Bank of America.

This genius starts in the family shoe shop in an Indian town where was borned.
He has achieved an engineering degree in India, and found a job in Australia, then in Hawaii.He earned MBA and doctorate degrees from Harvard Business School. He took the diploma and served in the faculty.

Ram is well known for providing advice relevant and realistic for the complexities of business world. The magazin Fortune described him as the leading expert in corporate governance. He always try to provide practical ways to improve profit initiatives.

Another side of this man were the energetic and interactive teaching trought executive education programs. Also he has recieved many awards like Bell Ringer, Crotonville Institute or Best Teacher in the Northwestern.
He was among BusinessWeek’s top ten executive development programs.
He has served on the Blue Ribbon Commission Governance and was a Distinguished Fellow of National Academy of Human Ressources.
Now a days, he live in Dallas, Texas.

The sample page

DuPont CEO Chad Holliday recieve the first sign about the global crisis from the major costumer in Japan. The cash is disapearing and ordered the exxecutives to spent the least.

When the Holliday’s plane landed in U.S., the six top leaders was calling for a urgent meeting the next day.
More evidences of the delicate situation about the DuPont company were the thirty percent less of bookings in its legal activity. Also DuPont paint for automobiles suffered the consequences of this confidence crisis.

It was time to take decision.
The plan which Holliday had to decide to take in place was prepared few months before under name “corporate crisis”.
The next step was told the employees know about the crisis. Each employee was asked to control the spent, so find out how to reduce costs or improve the use of money.
The employees seemed understood it. Also the managers decided have an individual meeting with each employee for to heighten the comunication with the base of company.
In six weeks the company reduced the uncontrolled costs.

So, Lidership in the era of economic uncertainty.

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