Short biography of the Ram Charan:

Ram charan is a famous business advisor, who has the incredible ability of solving business problems, for this reason he is very requested by the senior executives.
Dr.Charan started knowing about business world in the family shoe shop in the small India Town, after this he realized that business was his destiny and he got the engineering degree. His first job was in Australia and after in Hawai. Due to his talent, he got an MBA in Harvard Business School where later he worked as a teacher.
Ram Charan is well known for his logical advises, that is why business men are seeking for him.
Dr.Charan has also won lots of awards because of his teaching style, and he had written many articles and books being one of them a best seller: “The Discipline of Getting Things Done and Confronting Reality”. His articles appear in economics magazines like Financial Times or Harvard Business review.

How the CEO of DuPont reacted to the current economic crisis.

This text shows us who the DuPont’s CEO (Chad Holliday) found out about the recession while he was visiting a major customer in Japan, who was a CEO in an important company there, and he commented to Mr. Holliday that he needed to control his cash reserves due to the worry of a possible financial contagion.
As soon as he arrived to US, he coordinated a meeting with the six leaders of his company, because Mr. Holliday realized, thanks to his Japanese client, that the problem existed indeed and that he had to do something to settle it. In the meeting he asked how badly the recession was and if it could be worse with time.
The answer was quite hard because the problem was a lack of confidence, for this reason credit was disappearing, what it supposed a serious problem for the companies, because already they could not obtain funding for his operations.
For resolving the crisis problem, they had to go through financial program on how to get out of this situation, with the help of him and the rest of the stuff of the company, they reached to an Agreement. As fast as they thought, things were getting much better in due of the several unemployed to reduce cost; however in 6 weeks they arranged the overall situation and being able to solve similar situations in the future.
In conclusion Chad Holliday has demonstrated that with self confidence and without any fear he was capable to bring together many people with different opinion and safe the company`s life.

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