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Ram Charan is, since more than thirty years, a reference in the business-world, because of his great capacity to find solutions for companies. He was born in India in 1939, where he worked for some years in the family shoe shop. Later he worked in Australia and in Hawaii. After the talent of this Indian was discovered, he decided to doctorate in Harvard. Charan offers information, instructions and advices that companies can use to find solutions, or simply to grow. Because of his way to teach and transmit his ideas, Dr. Charan has won several awards, as for example the Bell Ringer award or the best teacher award at Northwestern.
Most of the conclusions of Ram Charam can be found in articles and books, like the Bestseller “Confronting Reality”. Dr. Charan has also worked for the world’s most important companies such as DuPont or Verizon. It’s important to add that he has served on the Blue Ribbon Commission on Corporate Governance and was elected a Distinguished Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources. Charan is based in Dallas.


This text is the introduction of “Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty”. It´s written by Dr. Charam and it shows the readers the correct way to proceed in during difficult times.
In this text the reader can find out how the CEO of Dupont discovered that a global economic crisis was starting. As he landed in USA, he prepared an urgent meeting with the six most important figures in the company. He wanted to know the actual situation and how it could develop. The situation was critical; The problems started in Wall Street and later in Wastern Europe, Russia and Asia. Companies could not finance proyects because they could not get any credit of the banks.
Now it was time to find solutions against the crisis. The opinion of Holliday was that the best way to proceed was preparing mentally the employees for the difficult situation. So, they decided to inform the 60.000 employees of the company.
In only 10 days everyone had had a meeting with a manager who explained them the necessary steps that they had to follow. Each manager was asked for ways of reducing costs. But it seemed like if the employees didn’t realized the critical of all that. The reaction needed to be faster.
The company had a team formed by three top executives that had to look for long term actions against the crisis. The initial reaction of this company started in less than six weeks, they acted quickly and with much decision.

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