Ram Charan was born in India where he started working in the family shoe shop, after that he acquires knowledge of engineering passing an engineering degree. He works as an engineer in Australia and Hawaii but when his talent as a business advisor was discovered he finishes his career as an engineer.
He started his studies in Harvard’s university where he stand out obtaining his degree with high distinction.
Talking about his working life as a business advisor, Dr. Charan (after receive the doctorate degree) works for Harvard and was behind the economic structure of many big companies. Many CEO’s listen his advises and uses it their companies.
Dr. Charan travel around the world talking about management and business material. He is known as well by his books, which has a huge success.

How the CEO’s of DuPoint reacted to the crisis

A crisis attack the economic situation that affects a very big part of the world, many countries suffers it.
DuPoint as an affected company decide to take care of the problem and find some solution so Chad Holliday travelled to United States for it.
Many workers of his company think that the problem has a bigger gravity so that’s why DuPoint apply an “anti-crisis plan” that includes to talk with all the employees telling the truth about the crisis, talking about the real gravity of the crisis.
They insisted in having cash.
DuPoint formed a team of 17 members to combat the crisis for do the same thing, talk to all employees and also listening to some ideas that they suggest. But the plan wasn’t good at all so they name a new group to act in crisis time, making difficult decisions.

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