1. Biography of the Ram Charan

Ram Charan was born in a small town in India, Uttar Pradesh in 1939. He earned a degree in engineering from Banaras Hindu University and later studied at Harvard Business School. He is a well-known business advisor who has worked more than thiry-five years for some of the best companies in the world, such as: Dupont, GE, Verizon… He is also the author of some popular business books like, "Leadership in the Era of economic uncertainty".

2.Sumamarise how the CEO of DuPont reacted to the current economic crisis

The plan adopted to confront the economic crisis was to join the 17 teams in a meeting, but after 4 days only 9 of them were left because they got to the conclusion that the problem was only financial. Holliday took 2 highly regarded people of the company to explain the economic crisis. All the people in the company within 10 days had a face to face with a manager who expalined what the company needed to do and the employees got asked how they though they could reduce cost and conserve cash. Holliday also asked the 14 leaders what plans were they going to do but this plans coludn't be implanted just know so Chad left three-person team looking for long term actions to finish with the crisis. It's initial reaction to the crisis took 6 weeks but he thinks that there will be much more to do to deal with this huge problem.

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