Ram Charan is a recognized speaker,writer and business consultant.
He has worked in many well-known companies such as GE, KLM, Bank of America, DuPont or EMC to implant there a better strategic direction and a good development.
He is the author of some popular books on business like Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty and What the CEO Wants You to Know as good expert on strategies in the companies.


The CEO of DUPont took some ways to the current economic crisis.
There is a plan of corporative crisis and when there is any crisis, DuPont’s senior managers come to assess the causes. The crisis was declared so they decided to carry out the “Corporate Crisis”.
The plan assemble the 17 standing teams, it was determined that the nature of the crisis was financial, so it was time to work.
The communication with employees was made in different ways. Each employee had a face to face meeting with the manager who asked for three things to reduce cost and conserve cash in the company. Some days before, the company observed if the employees had understood what they had to do and their reactions. In general, the employees were getting it, but the problem was that they had to get it really fast and the company observed that the employees didn’t know how important was the crisis.
With his CEO and CFO, Holliday reunited the company’s top 14 leaders and they explained them the goals to find the solutions for the crisis, but the problem again was how fast it was getting done.
Also, DuPont had an other team who were three of the top executives and they prepared some longer-term actions to reduce costs and save the most cash in the company and maybe the production facilities might be closed.
DuPont’s initial reaction took importance in less than six weeks but now it´s important the global economy fares. We have to be ready because when the slowdown ends, the prediction of Holliday is that the inflationary trends will reassert.
The uncertainty didn’t paralyse Chad Holliday and he accepted the change, this is the way for every leader.

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