1-Ram Charan is a recognised advisor and speaker in what business problems concern. He has worked with some of the top companies of the world. Ram Charan started out at his family's shoe shop and started rising up in the business world, he studied engineering in India and after graduated in Harvard. Furthermore he has worked in many places such as Australia and Hawai and nowadays not only he is a well known profesional in the world of company advising,but he has written several books and articles.

2-When Chad Holliday knew about the crisis, inmediatelly arranged a meeting with the top six leaders of the company to analyse the situation.After reaching to the conclusion that the crisis was truly afecting DuPont, the started to think whether to star the crisis plan or to hide to the employees the real situation.
Then, they decided to declare a crisis plan, and a group of 9 teams(8 of them where no necessary) started digging into the companys weak points.
Holliday enlisted the chief economist and the head of its pension fund to explain the company's workers the details of the crisis in a coloquial way. The communication program also had head to head meetings with the managers to know how they were feeling and how they were going to act.
Holliday thought that it was nesessary a shorter time of reaction so he spoke to the top 14 leaders about the urgency of the meassures implatation. DuPont also had a three man team to look at the long term actions.

Mark = 6

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