Ram charan is a very important business advisor and he is famous due to the fact that he is a really good at solving business problems. He is a man who has a lot of experience because he had been working for more than three decades with some world's most succesful companies.

This man got and engineering degree and when his talent was discovered he earned MBA and doctorate degrees form Hardward Business School.

One of his recommendations for archieving profitable growth is to search for "singles and doubles" and to develop what he calls a "growth budget".

Ram Charan won several awards such as Bell Ringer at GE's and he wrote some books. One of his books was a bestseller and the name of it was The Discipline of Getting Things Done.

How the CEO of DuPONT reacted to the current economic crisis?

Holliday was visiting Japan when the crisis started to move in the Financial industry. The first thing that this executive did was to order his major executives to conserve cash but this was only the begining of measures to fight the crisis. Once that this was done, he wanted to know how bad was Dupon CEO and how bad things could get.

When the problem became extremely serious the automakers didn't noticed what they had to produce in the face of collapsing sales. Holliday didn't know how to tell the employees about the crisis but company did it.
However, in my opinion it wasn't a very good idea because employees didn't respond the way they where requied in that situation.
After that they cutted down cost reducing the unnecesary employees. It was amazing how good Chad Holliday answered the call for leadership because he was not scared at all from the situation which was dangerous enough to frighten the company.

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