The web site I am going to describe is a sport shop homepage: Decathlon. Decathlon is a shop that devotes itself to sell articles of sports like clothes, utensils sports…. aim to practice different sport activities. To find information of this shop you have to visit; http: //, in spite of putting only also you can enter in the page.

This web page it’s aimed to all kinds of consumers of different ages, from kids to the third age, since you can find articles of all the existing sports. This one specially directed to the sportiest people.

The consumers can see all the sports articles that one finds available at present in the shop. They can know the best offers and prices of the moment. Also they can buy from Internet the products that Decathlon sells, and offering the possibility of home delivery service. offers a wide variety of products to the consumer, as sports clothes, exercise machines and sporting goods in general.

I have not found anything interesting, because it does not offer anything original or new.

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