english homework8202 Rubén Rebollo.


The website name is: www.seriesyonkis.com

This website goes to all type of public, especially for people who is interested in series who cant saw the day where it was published on TV.

When you visit this website, you’ve got about 200 series to choose and when you press the link of one serie, you will see a lot of chapters organized in seasons. That gives you the option of watch, when you want, for example, chapters of Lost, the best series ever existed, because if for example Fox is televising the fourth season, and you would like to watch the series from the beginning because you have never seen it, you’ve got the option to do it, thanks to this webpage. Also if you are interested in improving your English, you can watch the chapters in English with Spanish subtitles for example.

It’s interesting to say that exist another webpage from the same creators, who has the same mechanism, but with films instead of series.
I think this webpage isn’t absolutely legal, because you can watch online movies which are in the cinema at the same time, but the good part is that you can save a lot of money with it!

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