1. The URL is: www.loreal.es

2. Who is the site aimed at?

The site is aimed to feminine sector. Women with a high purchasing power , because it is an expensive make up.
Cinematographic sector is interested too, because they make up their actor and actress.

3. What can do they there?

Women can go shopping online, look for new products, chat with another women who are interested in LOREAL products and know about its different brands (GARNIER, CACHAREL, etc) …

4. What type of content does it contain?

It has different sections: on one hand you can know more about the company of LOREAL. On the other hand you get informed about the new products, new technologies, and there is the chance of getting free samples (sales promotion), which is a way of making the customers know about the product.

5. Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

I find interesting and curious that the site gives you the possibility of going in to the site depending on the person (student, journalist, etc) so you can get a more precise and better information as it is given in different points of view.

NAME: Macarena Velasco Muñoz
DATE: 3 March 2009

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