The URL is, it´s a webpage created by microsoft that gives information about recent news, things of interest to the general public, and for what I´ve noticed recently a large amount of publicity for many companies.

The site is aimed at everyone, no one in particular as older people will get into msn to find out about current events, check their hotmail, or perhaps use the website to serch the web, and young people also use hotmail, and to get to it go through msn´s main webpage.

The customers or potential consumers, can view their hotmail, as I said before, see the world news, read about topics that may interest them and in between all that is the publicity, the ads are hidden and look apealing, mostly because lots of times they have much to do with the news stories. To the companies interested in advertising, i see basically companies who operate on a wide internet scale, selling products on the web and shiping them by mail to consumers, I´ve also noted a lot travel agencies, i guess that would be thanks to modern technologies and electronic check in i suppose.

As I mentioned before I see a wide range of contents, due to the variety of viewers that see this page throughot the day.

What I find especially interesting is that publicity on the internet is much more advantageous for the advertiser because he can show his add, but create a link, which means not only that the site user will see it, but also if interested he can click on the ad and it will automatically forward him to the company´s own webpage expanding the potential client´s information on the product. I think it´s also even worth mentioning you may even click on the add by accident, which is something I´m sure advertisers have in mind. Nicolas Steegmann

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