Just as fast as they´ll make you look good, social networks like facebook or myspace, will also give you a very bad public image if the wrong people write the wrong things about you in them.
That is what happened to Virgin and British airways, two airline companies who saw how their public image went down the drain, after their own employees had placed comments on facebook saying little good on airplane cleanness or the company´s customers. In the case of virgin, flight attendants made clear that there where insects on the planes, and the BA staff posted that some travelers had bad smell, taste, resuming not very pleasent to fly with. British airways supposably makes the staff sign that thay cant do that, but obviously not very well… And Virgin has internal channels for employees to complain about things, but those probably don´t work very well either.
The companies found out about it all when the passengers complained, and their first step was to sack the unloyal employees that had written the comments. This teaches Virgin, British airways and any company hearing the story, that making sure your staff is well edducated as to not publicly humiliate you online is in fact important, and must me considered, and that you must follow the information posted on the internet about your company so that if one of these cases occurs, you can remedy it by just catching it in time, and not finding out when angry customers complain…

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