Social networks like facebook and myspace, have proven to be a fine way of making publicity, or letting people know about things, thanks to the large amount of people that use them. Two airline companies, Virgin and British Airways knew that, but did not pay attention to the fact that such a large public media, just as it can produce a great image, if used wrongly can generate devastating results to the public image of the company, they learned that the hard way, which is suffering it themselves.
Both the companies mentioned above, had the problem of some of their staff writting comments on these social networks, criticizing the behavior or even body odor of passengers and, even more damaging for the airlineĀ“s image, like in the case of Virgin, letting people know of the lack of hygiene on the planes.
That was totally unacceptable for the companies (which in most cases found out when passengers complained) whose first action was to fire the staff members who had written it. But to prevent it from happening in the future, they must consider the two lessons they have learned, to let the employees understand it is not tolerable and give them a proper media inside the company to file or tell their complaints, and to controll everything that is written on the internet about the company, in order to take action before it is actually too late, and therefore suffer the consequences of the bad image caused.

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