Facebook and myspace can be considered a two blade weapon; one that used properly can generate a great deal of advantages but in the wrong hands will totally lower your public image. Virgin and British airways are two airline companies that have suffered the same disgrace; staff members posting messages on the internet, saying bad things about the company or passengers. Virgin had employees say there where cockroaches on the airplanes, and that is not something you want people to hear about you, and British Airways heard that some of its staff members had been posting on facebook that the customers of that airline smelled bad, had bad taste, etc.

Supposedly BA makes its employees renounce to write anything about the company on the internet without permission, but it seems that is not too clear. Virgin claims to have several channels in which its staff can internally display the subjects it is not comfortable with, but again if that worked correctly they would have not said it all on facebook. Another important fact is that the companies only heard about what had happened when the customers complained! Which proves how little informed they were on what was being written about them in social networks.

The companies have learned a lesson, to educate their employees to not post anything against them online, and to pay attention to what is written about them on the internet, especially if it is done by their own staff.

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