This article, published on November 6th 2008 by the Economist print edition, states that even though social networks such as Facebook and MySpace have the potencial to be useful marketing tools, they can also be a source of damaging publicity as British Airways (BA) and Virgin Atlantic have discovered to their cost.
On October 31st Virgin dismissed thirteen of its cabin crew for having criticized its security standards and some of their passengers in one of those forums. Four days later BA began investigating some of its employees who had acted the same way.
To prevent those kind of postings in which information about the firm is shown, BA make employees sign a policy and Virgin has its own internal channel for the staff to vent frustrations. However these are not effective, what calls the staff ’s education about the correct use of internet into question.
Furthermore the magnitude of Facebook and MySpace make the problem worse.
To make sure that rules are respected and that personal information will not be published again, managers need to control online activity.

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