Networks 3107

Summary companies and social networks

The text proposed talks about the impact suffered by two airlines: British Airways (BA) and Virgin Atlantic, due to its publicity in social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. Both of the airlines though that this type of publicity would be a useful marketing tool but they then discovered that it was damaging its image. Some examples that appear in the text on how this is damaging both airlines are: "Virgin planes were infested with cockroaches and described customers as "chavs" a disparaging British term…" or " Ba begun investigating the behaviour of several employees who had described passengers as "smelly" and annoying" in facebook terms".
The text continues commenting how can the staff of both airlines continue complaining on facebook in BA forbids staff sending information without their authorisation and Virgin have channels were staff can end with their frustrations. In conclusion the company needs to monitor the staff to know that rules are being respected.

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