This article, published on November 6th 2008 by the Economist print edition, talks about the problem that causes the intromission of companies in social networks to advertize itselfs. In the text appears two cases of important airlines: British Airways and Virgin Airlines. Some people of the companies can tell confidential information or lies about that companies and make them loosing passengers. It talks about the importance of the internet in advertising and the effect that it can have in the people. People believe in what the read in newspaper, internet… instead of being true or false. To prevent those kind of postings in which information about the firm is shown, BA make employees sign a policy and Virgin has its own internal channel for the staff to vent frustrations.
The companies defend themselves saying that their personnel firm a contract compromising themselves about not to posting this kind of comments. Also the companies say that they have ways about how to express their frustration.
To end up with, social networks like Facebook or MySpace can damage the image of a lot of companies so the company should take some decissions about how to resolve it.

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