The text it´s about how harmful could be social networks such as FaceBook or My Space, for companies´s image.
These social networks also, could act like a good publicity for the company, but in many cases they are a very hard problem for the enterprises.
In the text appears the case of two airline companies: British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.
The text explain to us how Virgin discovered that some of their personnel posted insulting commentaries on a FaceBook forum about Virgin´s clients and about the company: for example they claimed that many Virgin´s aeroplanes were infected by cockroaches. The culprits of these commentaries were dismissed.
The companies defend themselves saying that their personnel firm a contract compromising themselves about not to posting this kind of comments. Also the companies say that they have ways about how to express their frustration.
Nevertheless, specialists war to the companies about how harmful could be these social networks because the notices that are published in the forums expands with facility.
Finally the text encourages companies on use these social networks, because if you find the problem when it starts, you´ll have more possibilities in relation to solve it.

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