A tale of two airlines and their Facebook fiascos.

The Economist newspaper present us, in a recent article, an anecdote happened in two airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic: the cabin crew of those airlines was devoting themselves to joke about costumers, with comments like “chavs”, “smelly” and “annoying”.
They also posted all kind of comments talking about the passengers in social networks as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter.
Consequently, Virgin fired thirteen employees who, not only shouted the shortcommings of the airplanes in the net, but also told about the plague of cockroaches and insuficent safety on board.

To conclude, the writer points out the need for companies to prevent and make better the ways to solve the social ‘netproblems’, and to help managers and employees to use the net correctly, to clean what another Public Relations firm calls “online watering holes”.

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