The text is about social networks like facebook or MySpace which are very ingrained nowadays, and the consequences to the flight companies for using it.
Flight companies like Virgin or British airways use these social networks to be more known and increase the customers, this is quite positive for them,but although partly it’s positive, also it has negative things. Like the text says, crew members of the flight companies use, from time to time, Facebook or MySpace badly, due to they give their opinions about the passengers or the planes situation, and they have to respect the passengers although they are smelly or with bad mood, because they are paying.
Virgin assures that it has plenty of private channels where staff can set out there complains, but the question that raises the text is why having this private channels, staff use the social networks complaining about everything? Under my point of view, the answer is easy because I suppose that staff is more comfortable at home, where they gives their opinions about daily situations, so I think that people in charge in each company have to create private channels like before, but with one important extra, the option of using them at home (I’m supposing that these private channels are only allowed to use them within the flight companies).
Probably with this change they could solve lots of problems.

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