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This is an article published the 6th of November in 2008, a tale of two airlines and their Facebook fiascos.
The main purpose of the article is to show the different problems that the social networks can cause to companies if they aren´t used in a properly way.
Apart from the advantages that these social networks have for business, they can also be a threaten for the companies if their employers talk and chat with the other members of the company as if they were in a private place, laughing at some customers, exampled in the specific case of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.
The result of these behaviours is a reduction of the reputation of the company and an absolutely disaster of Public Relations, focused in getting a good relationship between the company and its customers and in building a good imagen of the company.
After these public relations disasters, the two companies took action, trying to educate their staff,for example BA obliged them to sign a policy that don´t allow them to post derogatory comments without a specific authorisation. Virgin questions the fact that employees need to take out their problems on Facebook.
The solution may be an increase of the control of all these social networks and a better formation of the staff in order to avoid unnecessary problems, that can cost companies important consequences instead of being a opportunity to reach the more audience as possible.

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