Nike website

1.The website is and I have chosen this website because last summer a friend of mine recomended me to buy my new pair of trainers on-line in this website and when I saw the page I liked it a lot because it was very original,creative and different from the competitors that the brand "Nike". In my opinion it is great website because it is very colourful and the main thing is that it allows customers to personalise and design their shows the way they prefer, and this gives the customer an aded value which other brands such as Adidas or Reebok do not offer.

2. The target of this site are men and women between 18 and 40 years old who practice sports and would like to be original and different. However, the product is expensive so this target must have a medium-high level of incoming resources.

3. They can buy any clothes related with sports and as I said before they can choose how they are going to personalize their snikers, or watch the last models that the brand has launched lately.

4. You can find all the information about the products of Nike, for example: sport, model, size, width, collections… and everything is very well organized in the web and it persuades the customer in a good way.

5. The most surprising is that you can see in a picture at the moment the disigne of your new shoes so you can change the colour for example keep he same model of the shoe, it is really good website and it satisfies the needs of the customers.

Juan Puch


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