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The promotion is a very important activity for the companies. The aim of the advertisment is to inform people about a new product to make it atractive. If it is a good campaing, the sales will go up and the company has more profits.
The big companies have two options at the moment of be publicizing:to create a department or to entrust to an agency of advertising that does it.It is better to take charge it to an agency because they have specializing personnel, a minor cost and major reliability.The company reports to the agency on the type of client who wants to catch and the agency send a budget.
The companies can choose the cost of the publicity:comparing it with the cost of his competitors or to destine a percentage of the sales.
Four tools of the promotion are: personal sale, advertising, promotion of sales and public relations.
- Public relations,They are the persons that a company contracts in order that they achieve a good image and an acceptance, and this way the clients choose his product before that that of another competitor who does not have this good image.
- Publicity, by means of her you can inform the client about the characteristics of the product that you offer and emphasize his advantages, already be his facility of use, his luxury, his exclusivity….The advertising can be in television, radio, magazines…
- Promotion of sales they are the forms that the company has to stimulate the purchase of the product or brand that offers.
- The personal sale is the direct sale, that is to say that of the sellers.It is a form of oral and interactive communication of the information of a product.

The promotion has advantages; it can increase the sales of the product, his accomplishment is rapid and flexible, and allows yourself to differentiate the product.And also has disadvantages; to do many promotions can do that you lose loyalty, the cost can be raised, and promoting with low prices then can be unfavorable.
Therefore in order that the promotion of a product works it must be known for the public, understood,incentivante and attainable.

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