The products are made to be sold. The success of a company depends on the effectivity on selling the products at a price that permits the company recover the cost and obtain a benefit. Therefore, so the products can be sold , is essential the communication between the manufacturers and the clients. The techniques usually used in the commercial promotion are as follows.
The first and most important is advertising, which is the most important technique of promotion. The most common and more effective is television, followed by radio and newspaper. But a new media is raising and this is internet, which is becoming very important. The disadvantage is that is very expensive and only big companies can afford it. The advantage is that the advert can be received by masses of possible clients.
In addition, another technique is personal selling. It consists in a direct and personal interview of the seller to the consumer to encourage him to buy the product. The disadvantage is that one seller can only do an interview at the same time and a troop of sellers has a very high cost. The advantages are that not only informs, but the seller can also be persuasive in order to make the client buy.
Another ways of promoting a product are expositions, games, special offers, sales… they are made to obtain a fast response. The disadvantage is that is a high extra cost and effort, but it compensates with very good results at a longer term.
To conclude, to promote a product money is not enough, good ideas are very important. An advertising campaign has to be designed according to its targeted consumers. There is an enormous difference in promoting one thing or another.

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