The companies have different ways to promote their products, and to attract the consumers’ attention, always aimed to increase the loyalty of a brand looking to increase the company’s benefits.

These are the principal ways of promoting a product or a brand:

Press and magazines: They have the advantage of capturing the attention of a select public in function of the means chosen. On the other hand it only goes to the press and magazine consumers.

Television and cinema: They both have the great advantage of having a major repercussion with a message more dynamic that can be directed to a specific public (depending of the timetable and channel selected). But they have an important disadvantage, the cost of an advertisement on television, and also the lack of continuity, because in 20 seconds they try to tell a story that should attract the attention of the consumer.

Radio: Through the radio, companies can also promote a product (or brand) to those people who are working (like taxi drivers), but, on the other hand, the radio losses the image and the dynamism of the message, that can perfectly be given on TV.

Internet: It sends a specific message to a very concrete public and is one of the cheapest ways of promotion, but it also creates a saturation of e-mails to particulars and they don’t capture very well the consumers’ attention.

In conclusion, thanks to the development of telecommunication, enterprises can promote their products or brands. They have many different ways for doing this; all of them have advantages and disadvantages so the merchants have to choose which option is the best to obtain a benefit and a loyalty as big as possible.

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