Companies focus their work in satisfying the demand of the market with their offer. One of the main objectives of the company is to be identified by customers, so advertising is very important.
Advertising informs consumers about the existence and benefits of products and services, and attempts to persuade them to buy them. There are different ways that companies use to promote their products or brands:
1.Word-of-mouth advertising: is a free advertising, when some customers recommend the products of the company to their friends or family.
2.Institutional or prestige advertising: is a free adversiting, when the customers like the products of the company only about the brands, but not specific products.
3.Advertising department inside the company: It isn’t a free advertising, is a department in the company that study what can the company do to improve their position in the market. There works employeers who are specialist in advertising.
4.Publicity agency: it isn’t a free advertising, because the company contract another company to promote their products in the market, using different strategy.
There are different forms to promote the company’s products, the agency creates advertisements and develops a media plan specifying which media: newspapers, television, magazines, radio, internet,….The most important is television and the second one is radio, because everybody see or listen it.
Marketers use different tactics: promotions, sponsoring events, free samples,… they must to know about the life of a product, because all the products dissapeared so marketers need to know with type of advantage or promotion must to do.

Altought most marketers talk about the four Ps, but we can study five:

1.PEOPLE: non-customers, the marketers need to analyse why they don’t buy.
2.PROCESS: customers who receive a good service is more lakely to return that another customer who receive a bad service.
3.PYSICAL EVIDENCE: is the way things look, what think customers about the products and services of the company.
4.POSITIONING: situating a product or a brand in relation to others already on the market.
5.PROFICT: marketers found what must they do to receive befefict (the cost to produce the services or products must to be less than the price of it, the price which customers pay to the company)

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