Nowadays, companies need to promote their products or brands. Companies need to prove that their own products are better than the others and of course companies have to inform his future clients about a new product. There’s four ways to promote a brand or a product: advertising, public relations, sales promotion and personal promotion.

Advertising, can achieve different media like television, radio… and usually companies come to the rescue of advertising agencies (more specialized). In one hand, advertising is a good option, products are immediately known by the public because it will appear in all the possible media and in case there’s an advertising agency hired, the company doesn’t have to worry about the promotion. On the other hand, depending on media plans, advertising can be very expensive, and, excessive advertising can be counter-productive.
Public Relations, which protect the image of a company or product with publicity as an important element of it, can be a good option because publicity is not paid of and people prefer publicity than advertising as a matter of confidence. But, you can’t achieve a large number of clients and in case the company wants, it’s an expensive strategy.
Sales promotion, a tactic to stimulate sales of a product including coupons, free samples, etc. can strength brand or product loyalty and can attract price-conscious brand-switchers. However, the majority of products are in their maturity stage, so it is not a long term strategy.
Personal promotion, which must be mixed with other strategies, includes the fact that there is a salesman between the company and the client, which means that a channel is created so clients’ confidence increases. But, it’s a very expensive strategy and you can only do it with a few clients.

In conclusion, all the strategies have advantages and disadvantages, so companies have to decide in what proportion use them.

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