Different ways to promote products:
The nature of advertising comes from the need to promote a company's product and convice potencial customers to buy them. Now how that is done depends on many factors, for there is many ways to promote things, and each one is different.
I'll start with the more common ways to advertise; Bill-boards, which are large signs put up in strategic places to be viewed by people, this method is widely used anf if it isn't positioned in a good spot, it may not to be succesfull.
Relatively modern technologies (last century) like radio or television, especially TV, have a great impact, althought it is also the most expensive way, and you should get prime TV or radio time (no one wathes TV at 3AM!).
Other ways includes sponsorship, which is a certain company helps someone or thing do an activity by donating money. I'll explain better, i.e. an important team is sponsored by a company, it gives the team money, and in exchange the company's logo and name will show up constantly when the team plays, for example in their T-shirts.
In recent years some companies are using very strange and for some outrageus ways to promote their products, like using the human body as a bill-board!.
But by far the best way to promote a product is mouth-to-mouth information. That is when a satisfied client comments this satisfaction with others who after hearing such good publicity for someone close to them ( family, friends) will not doubt and will purchase the product. Although this would be very negative if the client was unpleased, because the result would be the complete opposite.

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