Companies uses different ways to promote their products or brands that is to say, to develop their products or brands awareness, to build a position in the market. They also use promotional tools to persuade their clients to buy them.

Advertising is the most popular promotional tools, the best kind of advertising is word-of-mouth advertising, when somebody tell their friends about a good new product. But there are others advertising which have to be mention, that have a cost, ones more expensives than others like a sandwich-board man,ads in newspapers,a commercial, a sponsorship,or a billboard.
Besides,we have three others promotional tools; sales promotions, public relations, and personal selling.
To begin with, we have public relations or PR, which is charged to maintain,improve the image of the company or a product, usually through publicity and other non-paid forms of communication. It´s a good cheap way to attract attention to become the product known,to launch the product. The majority of time, it can give a better image or impression more "credible" than advertising.
Then we have sales promotions ,in order to attract people to their stores, stimulate their sales,or to sell a particular product ,companies gives for a period of time, special offers,discounts, free samples, for example, to try new products. But it´s a way expensive for a company and in a long term it can damage the brand image.
To finish with, we have personal selling, an easier way to convinced customers to buy the product face to face,is the most expensive promotional tool, so it can be combined with advertising. The customer can solve his doubts or problems about the product, asking to sales representatives.

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