Nowadays there are different means used by companies to promote their products. Nevertheless, we must take into consideration their advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly, one of the media that has suffered a great development in the previous years is the internet.On the one hand, we can appreciate that its main benefit it’s the accessibility it has as well as being economic and quick enough to communicate people at the other each ok the world. On the other hand, its recent development has made its use harder for those that are older. Therefore there is a great percentage of young people that use it whilst older ones find it too ‘modern’.

Secondly, another essential media is the radio. When we use this type off mean to sell our products we have to make sure that the announcement is catchy because the lack of images makes it even more difficult to persuade people to buy a specific product. Nevertheless, its there is a main benefit: we can hear the radio in any place we want.

Thirtly, we must not forget to mention TV. We must highlight the great amount of benefits this media can offer us. The visual, sound and movement alternatives make it much easier for companies to create a greater impact on their consumers or audience. However, promoting a brand or any type of product in TV has become too expensive and many people can’t afford it.

Last but not least, the newspaper has been the principal media throughout many years. The newspapers reach a wide and varied audience. In fact they have developed in order to offer images and colours with a better quality. Nevertheless, its not a media for specific consumers, the message you are tying to transmit is going to reach different type of people, even though they aren’t interested.

Overall, we can appreciate that depending on our budget and to who the advertisement or the product is directed to we are going to use on media or the other.

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