Companies use lots of ways to try to get our attention. They put advertisements everywhere: on TV, websites, the radio, in magazines, on billboards… Here are some ways that companies get their product in front of you:

Prizes and promotions. Sometimes advertisers use contests with special prizes to get people to buy, or buy more, of a product. For example a toy in fast food meal for kids. The idea is to get the attention of the consumers and then their purchase. This is a fast way to attract the attention of the consumers but on the other hand it is very expensive.

Product placement and Integration. when you see a TV show or movie, the company that makes the product probably paid to have their product shown. This is very expensive.

Creating a Brand: there’s more to a brand than just a name. Images, colours, Slogans or catchy phrases. Brands can be powerful and sometimes consumers pay more for a product because of the brand because they think that a brand name may be higher quality, more stylish, cooler…than a no-name product. But the disadvantage is that companies who creates brands spend lots of time and money to get consumers to feel good about their brands.

Package design: companies that sell food have created packaging that lets kids eat on the go, with containers that are squeezable, shatter-proof, or easy to hold, and these appeal to parents who actually do the buying. However the companies spend a lot of time and money on package design to make their product stand out and appeal to the audience.

Public relations: this can include contests, special events to celebrate the opening of a new movie, interviews with TV news show about a product or company, special guest appearances on shows that are popular with the target audience, or sponsorships with organizations that are popular with the target audience. Nevertheless the disadvantage of Public relations is that generally get messages across through the media, and if the media get hold of negative messages or an incorrect information, it will have a significant negative impact on the brand or company.

In conclusion, most of the ways of promoting a product or a brand requires a lot of effort, time and money.

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