Sells promotion nowadays is composed by a lot of techniques, all of them aimed to increase the customer’s loyalty to our brand (or product), trying to maintain our clients meanwhile our company increases it’s brand awareness and the “temporal loyalty” from brand switchers.

This labour in the company, it’s on Sells Department’s hands (sales force). They have to convert advertising in profits.

The world of advertising nowadays it’s all the day around us: during the day we watch a lot of commercials on the TV, when we walk in the street we see thousands of commercials, when we use Internet advertising it’s in all web sites…
These examples are all of them related with the world of telecommunications: thanks to the development of the news technologies the enterprise can be in contact with their customers and potentials customers during all the day.
These techniques supposes a very big cost for the company: a lot of them are very expensive, and if the company needs a big promotion campaign the cost will be very high.

But the promotion for the enterprise it is not always a high cost: there are a lot of techniques of publicity that promote the enterprise’s image without costs. This kind of promotion generally it’s more effective and more aggressive.
Advertising and publicity are mixed with many other ways of promotion and with a lot of outrageous techniques aimed to increase enterprise’s sells.
One characteristic technique it’s the using of a brand ambassador: using the image of a famous person our company will increase its market share.

These are the good aspects of promotion, but promotion also can have bad consequences for the enterprise: a bad campaign could mean the bankrupt of the company; our competitors with a loss leaders campaign can hurt our marker share and our brand awareness meaning again less profits.

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