Currently, if a company wants its products or brand to be known, they need to recur to promotion and brand communication. There is a lot of competition in the market so it is suitable to hire an advertising agency and let them find and effective way to sell your products.

An interesting and indirect way to endorse a product is by mouth to mouth. This happens when people who have used the product, talk about it and share their experience. Through this technique, people demonstrate their satisfaction or disappointment with the product they have bought. This can either help or affect the company in many ways, but in the end giving the company tools to make their products better.

However, many companies seek inexpensive, but effective ways to promote such as mailing. Were their product appears in single page with a list of its characteristics.

Films, radio, magazines, posters in the street, or newspaper are other ways to advertise. In Fact, the advantage of some is that they are not as expensive as others such as T.V. and film, or directed to a specific audience such as the ads (commercials) on radio aimed usually, to an older audience.
The newspaper … well it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, leaving visual creativity to surprise the audience.

T.V. is the best way to promote products, it is also the most expensive, but worth while since people tend to spend a lot of time in front of it rather than taking a newspaper. People pay more attention to ads in T.V. because it is a combination of images and words, which demonstrate how the product works.

Sale promotions are other ways to succeed in the market. They are very effective, in fact, more than ads. Such deals in the supermarket include the “buy 2 and take 1 free” - “2X1”. Another example of promotion can be when you buy a good you include a sample of a new product; this has the advantage that you can try at home. This, in the future, can save many costs to the company.

To sum up, there are infinite ways to endorse products and brands, each with their advantages and disadvantages. The key is to find the efficient and most creative way to do it, find the action that better suites the product according to the target/market.

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