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In the past, the management was the responsible for establishing the broad outlines to promote the product, but nowadays if they want to have success, they need to hire an advertising specialist.

Firstly, a good way to promote the product could be by the public relations(PR), it´s concerned by protecting the image of a company or the product. The most important point of PR is the publicity(is not the same as advertising), it is for example a person who came to your company and after this person recommended to another one to visit your shoop. This type of promotion is free.

Another way to promote your product would make an announcement in a newspaper (advertising). This is the most common publicity among the advertising companies and is quite efficient, but the price is quite high (especially in the free newspapers). In the newspaper, the ideal would be published on the cover or in the first pages.

Promote your product with sales promotions, are different ways to have new customers or potential costumers. One good example could be the free samples, with that you may generate the initial trial of a new product. Another strategy of sales promotions, when the life cycle of the product is declining, you can reduce the prices to sell all the old product and after you could buy the new sustitutive products.

To conclude, the best way to promote a product today is via internet. Is the way that is having more success in recent years, for the comfort of being able to see information from your home without moving, buy products from your home and they will send you by mail. Also is not expensive to have your own website to sell your products, but if you want to have a flashy website that will have a high success you need to hire a specialist in web design. The target audience in internet is all the people who is interest in the product. An important point is to be well placed in search engines such as google, lycos … To say any inconvenience, could be in the forms of payment, maybe a person pay with a card with no money.

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