To have success when raising a brand you have to promote it so you make sure most of the people have taken notice of your brand’s existence. To do so there are many ways of promotion, that can be used one by one or altogether.
The oldest use of promoting a brand is what’s called a billboard, this is and advertising of the product on a wall, it’s very cheap, or at least much cheaper than the rest of the ways but it’s also the least shocking way of advertising because it’s static and it’s placed on public places where people can avoid it without even noticing.
The most common way to promote a brand is called adverts (also called “ads”) these adverts can be shown on TV (commercials), radio and newspapers. The price may vary depending where they’re placed at, for example, an ad on the first page of a newspaper is much more expensive than in the middle because the page that is most seen is the front page.
A very modern way to promote a brand is what we call sponsorships, this method consists in placing the brand’s name or logo over a football shirt or a rally car, whatever kind of show that is going to be seen by any people, this is probably the most expensive way of promoting but it’s also the most useful because for example if the football team we are sponsoring is successful people will immediately relate it with our brand.
On the other hand a very different way of advertising can be as successful as the rest, it’s a very common tool, desired by every owner of brands that can’t be bought by money, word-of-mouth, if the customers like it they will talk about it and if they don’t they wont, no matter how much money the owner of the brand has placed to promote it, this is why word-of-mouth is so powerful, because it doesn’t depend on nothing but a person’s judgement.

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