To begin with,how promote products and brands are a dilemma for companies and marketers,because are different ways.Advertising and promotional tools informs consumers about products and services,in order to to persuade to buy them.So,a good,attractively priced product has to be made known to its target costumers.

First of all,companies use advertising agencies,because these are likely to have more knowledge about all aspect of advertising.The client gives the advertising agency an agreed budget and a brief of the objectives of the advertisement campaign.The agency creates advertisements and developo a media plan to persuade target costumers.What's more,the "Four Ps" are a matter of pormotion,because budgets are always limited,marketers have to decide which tools to use and in what proportion.

How much to spend on advertising is always problematic.Some companies match their competitors' spending or set their ad budget as a percentage of current sales revenue,but the disadvantage is that this metod disregard the fact that increased ad spending can increase current sales.On the other hand,excessive advertising is counter-productive,because people will be irritated.Furthermore,once the most target costumers have been reached, companies start getting smaller increase in sales in relation to increased advertising spending.

On the other hand,public relations are corcerned with maintaining,improving or protecting the image of a product,while during the introduction and growth stages of the product the producer has to developod brand and product advertising.The essencial element of PR is publicity,as opposed of advertising,is any mention of a company's products that is not paid for.Publicity can have a huge impact that cannot be achieved by advertising,also people are more likely to read and believe publicity than advertising.Sales promotion such as free samples and so on are tactics designed to stimulate earlier or stronger sales of a product,these can also be aimed at distributors to encourage them to stock new items or larger quantities.Personal selling is the most expensive promotional tool,but let the company to prospect for costumers and to spread information,also the majority of new product ideas come from costumers via sales representatives.

In conclusion,companies need a mix between advertising and promotional tools,in order to return the budget and not to try to inform the costumers by one or two ways,the idea is to persuade costumers as much as a company can.

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