Whe could begin with the question that keeps coming up marketers' mind is whether it is best to promote brand awareness by using one chosen design, logo, message, etc.In other words is it best to promote a brand by keeping on putting the same message with the same look and the same feel before the public over and over again?

I know that repetition is a terrific way to teach anything,but also have enough consistency that the name or the logo is always the same.Like a teacher who teachs by telling the same thing in different ways,then he would ask the students to tell the message back to him and to each other and to vary it and put their own stamp on it,so this can be carrying to the commercial world.

However,if I simply repeat the same message over and over, my listeners and viewers will turn off because they have already seen the message,this is the difficult part,to avoid this sentence:'I have already seen them'.

In conclusion,of course,have enough consistency that the name or the logo is always the same,but playing around with colors and shapes and style,and present them all.Do it over a period and mix and match.

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