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Promoting a product or brand means to let people know it, in order to create product or brand awareness. This is an essential way to achieve the final objective of any firm: to obtain benefits by selling your product at a desirable quantity and price. Therefore, firms must study the possible alternatives there are for promoting a product.

Although there are a wide variety of ways of promotion, they could all be divided in four categories, which are mainly the following: advertising, sales promotions, public relations and personal selling.

On the one hand, advertising is a very effective medium of information as it achieves everybody’s mind: it gets to a lot of people in a short period and has many possible channels (TV, radio, posters, social networks, etc.)
On the other hand, it seems to be really expensive and messages might not get to the audience clearly.

Referring to sales promotion, it increases sells because it attracts people to consume your products, at the expense of a reduction in the competitors ones. That is because the customer prefers a product which has a reduction in its price but not in its quality.
However, if this method is used too frequently it may create an image deteriorated of the product (the product may seem to have less quality).

Public relations offer more detailed information about the product, because this implies somebody dedicated to make product awareness within the target customers.
In spite of being an attractive choice of promotion, public relations also has some disadvantages, for instance, it may not result convincement for customers, as not always the PR transmits the essence of the message correctly.

Finally, personal selling helps to increase sells because this activity involves going to customers’ homes and assisting customers with technical problems.
Nevertheless, it is the most expensive promotional tool and sometimes it is not well worthy for sellers.

To conclude, companies have a wide range of promotional tools, but it is essential for them to make a good evaluation of them, in order to concern a lot of public, so to increase sells.

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