The first way that a company can use to promote a product is advertising. This is to inform customers of a product and convince them to buy it. There are many types of advertising but the most important is word-of-mouth advertising, which occurs when people tell their family or friends about advantages of new product. Others types of advertising are sponsorship, billboard, sandwich-board, classified ads , and commercial
Sponsorship consists in placing the brand’s name or logo for example over basketball and football t-shirts, over F1 or simply in the body of a swimmer. In this type of advertising, you see the mark not what it offers but it's one of the types of advertising that brings more benefits and also the most expensive.
Billboard is situated on the facades, on a wall. It’s cheaper than many types of advertising but is static ,often not striking and may be people who don’t even look at them.
Sandwich-board, is the oldest type ,you only pay the man who leads hanging the poster and in some cases is effective(to buy or sell gold) but now not much people want to take up posters over them body.
Classified ads is the cheapest , you just put a few words to inform people and your telephone number.
Commercial is the most common way to promote a brand because all people watch tv. It’s expensive but very effective. The price of the advertisements depend of where they’re placed for example at night the ads are more expensive because the audience is higher.

There are three others promotional tools; sales promotions, public relations, and personal selling.
Companies use sales promotion to attract people to their stores, stimulate their sales ,or to sell a particular product . It basically consists in achieving this aim by means of price reductions . But it´s a way expensive for a company and in a long term it can damage the brand image.
Personal selling is the most expensive promotional tool, and is generally used as a complement to advertising.
Public relations is concerned to protect the image of a product or company . The most important element of it , is publicity that is used to improve the sight of the product. Publicity can have a huge impact than advertising because people are more likely to read and believe publicity.

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