Promotion is a technique or a communication skill, created to motivate the customers to buy something, go to an event, or definitively, consuming a product.
Is one of the four “p” of the “Marketing Mix" and maybe the most important, because if you want to sell your product, it is have to be known by the buyers.
As a financial concept, promotion is generally divided in two sections:
-Above the line production: Include all the activities carried out though the “big media” as TV, radio, newspapers and internet.
-Below the line production: This king of promotion used other types of methods, less conventional but maybe more effectives and efficient. In this promotion, you can focus more your objective and used better your resources.
Both of them are marketing techniques, with their advantages and disadvantages. In the first one, the ad will reach a big amount of public, but also it is very expensive. Is the best strategy to show to all kind of costumers a generic product.
On the contrary, below the line production is much more effective for smaller market shares, for example, to computers, luxury products or this kind of goods with less demand. In this case, using a media like the tv or radio is a waste of time and money, because is much more effective to focus in your potential customers.
Therefore, what is going to settle the way of promotion of each company will be his objectives.

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