One of the main tasks a company has is to promote their products. They do this to increase their sales, obtain a greater amount of customers and gain more money for the company. Once the target audience is set, the company needs his audience to know their products existence. There are four main ways a company can promote their products or brands.
Firstly, sales promotion is a method a company can increase their sales. They can stimulate their sales by reducing price, giving free-samples or coupons. The advantage of this type of promotion is that it increases sales, but there are also some disavantages such as that the increase in sales are not permanently. Also it can have a high cost depending on what the company offers to its customers.
Secoundly, personal selling is another type of promotion. This technique of promotion consists on having a sales representative to spread information, give assistance or solve any doubts the consumer may have. One advantage is that it offers direct comunication between the representative and the consumer and this increases the probability of the consumer being convinced. However, this is the most expensive way of promotion and it can have a high cost for the company.
Additionally, another way of promotion is public relations. This consists on trying to let people know their product or hear about it. The greatest advantage of this type of promotion is that you do not have to pay for it. On the other hand, people who give their opinion about the company or their products may not have correct or enought information and by this they can give a wrong opinion which can damage the image company.
Finally, the last type of promotion is advertising. By this type of promotion people will know the brands name. It has a great persuasive power because it increases curiosity among people and by this they increase sales and make people brand loyal. But this type of promotion has some disadvantages, such as being very expensive and having some legal restrictions on what and how they can advertise.
To conclude, companies have lots of ways they can promote their products and depending on the product, their budget and the target audience, they will use one of the four different types of promotion to try and increase sales for the company.

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