When a product is created it has to be advertised so is intended that the most of the people take notice of the presence of the product. There are many ways of advertising a product, many ways to place a product in the people’s mind.

The most extended way to promote a product is advertising it on the media (T.V., radio, newspapers, magazines etc.). The adverts’ price may vary depending on where they appear, the lower prices will appear in those places that are not so seen by the customers and vice versa .

A billboard is also a very common way of promoting products, in fact, it’s older, and it’s cheaper because it consists on placing the advertising on a wall. The bad thing about this method is that it isn’t dynamic at all so people would have to stare at it directly to end up wanting to know more about the product.

The most actual way of promoting a product is sponsoring another kind of business with our brand, this is placing our logo over an important event or a motorbike in a race, the more important is the thing we are placing our logo at the more the people will take notice of our brand, it’s a very useful method.

But after all the most important way of promotion escapes the power of the brands’ owners, it is word-of-mouth, it depends completely on the people that have tried the product and their verdict over it, the owner can do nothing if it’s extended that the product is awful or awesome, people would have taken part already.

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