The nature of all company is to promote their products, they have to develop good products or services, price them attractively, and make them accesible to their target customers. But they also have to generate sales using promotional tools, in this text i will classify them in four standard groups: Advertising, sales promotion, public relations and personal selling.

Advertising comes from the need to promote a company's product and convice potencial customers to buy them.This promotional tool has advantages, it allows companies to reach a lot of people, to choose the media they want to use and what is the most important is allows them to choose their target market. But also has disadvantages , it is a very expensive way of promoting products. The best form of advertising is probably word-of-mouth advertising, wich occurs when people tell their friends about the benefits of products or services that they have purchased.

Sales promotions is based on temporary tactics designed to stimulate earlier or stronger sales of a product. This promotion tool can also be aimed at distributors, dealers and retailers to encourage them to stock new items or more quantities. The disadvantage is that when the product enters the decline stage , they have to try out another number of promotional strategies and tactics such as reduced-price packs.

Public relations is concerned with maintaining, improving or protecting the image of the company and the product. The most important element of it is publicity that is aimed at assisting sales and has the big advantage that the company doesn’t pay for it and has a huge impact on public awareness.

Personal selling is the most expensive promotional tool and it is usually used as a complement to advertising but on the other hand, they are an important channel of information.

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