Ways to promote your brand

The beginning of the promotion is, without doubt, the brand that shows the costumers intantly the quality of the product, the nature of your service and the reputation definitely. After that you have to show your brand to all costumers using a tagline or a logo. This two terms provide a visual component and allow positioning in relation to a competitor.

Five ways to promote your brand (five great ways to name out your brand in front of costumers):
1. Give away something people will expose to others
Is better to share out a gift that have more than one use (like t-shirts, emails, pens…) with the brand. This way of promotion is kind of old, but it is very usefull to release the brand.
2.Encourage Interactivity
As human beeings we need to interact so it can suppose an opportunity to some companies, an opportunity beacause creating the discussion online, for example, you will get many people interested in your brand or talking about it as a minimum.
3.Brand your digital and print communications:
As Brett Krkosska says: if you can write it, touch it or type it….brand it!! Leave evidence of your brand in everywhere you can, so everyone can read it and show interest in it. You have o include all the information about the brand (postal numbers, telephone numbers, addres, etc…)
4. Give away your knowledge
Well in this point, we can talk about a possible disadvandge, beacuse it depends on the journalists. You can get a great critic in a newspaper without any effort and you have to exploit it. I think that it shows the succesfull of the promotion, i mean only should be a notice if it is relevant.
5. Make it Easy For Others To Toot Your Horn
Word-of-mouth referrals are the best kind of exposure you can get. There's nothing more powerful than a support stuff from a satisfied customer

This 5 points might be completed with the 4 p's of the marketing mix to get a perfect promote. The promotion doesn't have disadvantadges cause all the work you do for show the brand will be rewarded. Talking about this five points….this Brett Krkosska doesn't discovered ''the wheel'', i mean all the points are advices based in the common sence, they are not patterns to follow!!

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