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The company use different ways to promote their own products or brands.
First of all the marketers have to identify the different needs from the consumers to be better than any competing products and the producer has to develop brand or product awareness. This can be done through distribution channel, market research…
There are some ways or tools to promote the products or brands. About public relations (related with the image of a company or product), the most important element is the publicity which is any mention of a company’s product and it has a huge impact on target consumers. The companies not pay for the publicity and this is the different between publicity and advertising.
Other way are sales promotion for example, free samples or price reductions and its is aim is to stimulate the sales of a product temporarily, is a tactic. It is used specially during the maturity of the life cycle because the product can be replaced by new ones and the producers will try to increase the sales with promotional strategies like reduced-price packs in supermarkets.
Other way is the personal selling who is a person that offers information about a company’s products or solve problems face to face with the consumer and it’s an important channel of information in the majority of new product, but the disadvantage is that is the most expensive promotional way.
So, when companies have to promote their products or service they are going to try to attract consumers or brand-switchers through tools or tactics to increase their sales directed to a target customers who want satisfy their needs with the minimum cost.

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